Project & Case Studies

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Westend Mall Aundh, Pune.

  • In 2017, executed 250 TR chilled water based air condition system for mall expansion project.
  • Scope of work was SITC of complete air conditioning system including AHU, FCU, chilled water network, cooling water network, PI ducting and GI ducting, basement ventilation system with connected accessories.
  • Project was completed in time with followed all safety norms.
  • Executing repeated order of some customers with capacity of 1350 TR chilled water based air conditioning system at West End Mall - IT building.
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Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Hinjawadi, Pune.

  • Ongoing project of 300 TR chilled water based air conditioning system
  • Scope of work is 3 no. of chillers of 150 TR, 3 no. of cooling tower of 190 TR capacity, FCU, AHU, TFA, heat recovery unit, PI and GI ducting, chilled water and cooling water piping, air distribution products, etc.
  • Scope includes basement ventilation, kitchen ventilation, smoke extraction, toilet exhaust , air conditioning for guest rooms and other amenities.
  • Project is executing under consultancy of ESKAYEM for HVAC system and architect M/s Edifice.
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ELA Green School, Chennai

  • ELA Green School, Kanchipuram (Chennai) is one of the popular educational organisation in south India. This school is IGBC, USGBC and LEED certified
  • Got order of 450 HP VRF system. For first phase, we commissioned 110 HP Mitsubishi Electric make VRF system.
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WNS Global Service Pvt Ltd

  • Working with WNS Global Services at 10+ locations across Maharashtra.
  • Having comprehensive maintenance contract for RAC and VRF system since last three years
  • Here we done server room smoke extraction, toilet ventilation with EC fans, SITC VRF system, etc.
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  • Executed all kind of air conditioning work.
  • Completed retro fitment work in chilled water based system for performance improvement and energy conservation
  • Completed EC fan retro fitment work at more than 10 locations across India.
  • Achieving power saving through EC fan retro fitment work since 2013.
  • SITC of chilled water system, AHU, FCU, Ventilation system, etc.
  • Having annual maintained contract for air conditioning of critical areas
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  • Successfully completed EC fan retro fitment work for more than 100 air handling units (AHU) at more than 17 locations across India
  • All work completed in given minimum time span, without hampering INOX business.
  • Achieved 100+ KW power saving per hour through EC fan retro fitment work
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Westside (Tata Trent Limited)

  • Completed retro fitment work in existing air conditioning system at Westside store.
  • Replaced AHU blowers with new EC fan and two new AHU installed. Due to this AHU air flow rate increased.
  • Existing floor temperature was 27 to 28 Deg C and AHU power consumption was higher side.
  • With this modification, we achieved desired standard floor temperature of 23 to 24 Deg C which is comfortable to Westside customers